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Fuzzy Fiber Acres Moon Rock by Kit Carson


Fuzzy Fiber Acres Moon Rock 

born Sunday, December 19th, 2021

Sired by RR Gun's Kit Carson bred to Amego's Silver Serenade of MHAR.

Fuzzy Fiber Acres Mocha First of Her Name

Fuzzy Fiber Acres Mocha First of her Name

born Monday, February 7th, 2022

Sired by MHAR Silver Samovar bred to Sebastian's Graceful Lady of MHAR.

Moon Rock & Mocha Shorn Cria Coats Summer 2022

Moon Rock & Mocha One Year

Big Toe Ranch Simpson

In December 2022 we welcomed a little friend from Big Toe Ranch in Tollhouse.  Meet Simpson!  He is 15 months old here, on his first day with us.  Big Toe is a rescue ranch that needed emergency evacuation during the creek fire in the Fall of 2020.  We were able to house their poultry flock of 35 birds, while their alpacas went with them to another location.  Emergencies create extenuating circumstances and Simpson is a little blessing from a chaotic time.  Also a time when we made new friends.  Young males cannot enter adult herds because of their size and maturity without getting hurt.  We have a soft spot for this little dude.  After all, we have been there since the beginning with him.  It is our pleasure to welcome him as a brother to Moon Rock and Kyanite.  They have accepted him as a pal!

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