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Est. Central California 2020

Located in the center of the San Juaquin Valley, Fuzzy Fiber Acres is an ideal small property tucked away behind a grove of Coastal Redwoods.  The front yard boasts a beautiful private park-like setting where guests can enjoy a stay in our Airbnb and meet a handful of our our favorite animal friends.  Checkout the rental at Behind the residence, sits a working farm where the daily life of chickens, goats, alpacas, rabbits and pigs is always in motion. 


The entire operation is situated just outside the urban city of Fresno, CA.  Stepping onto the property transforms your mind to a space where you easily forget you are only 15 minutes from to the Clovis shopping mall and just minutes from the agricultural farms of Sanger.  Here, we focus on connection with nature and balancing the eclectic group of farm animals we share our land with. Our slice of heaven is a small family operation with a simple philosophy, work hard – play hard, share your blessings.

Veiled Arc Rabbitry is centered at the heart of our animal husbandry practices. Our Lionheads are showing in states across the west and bringing home Grand Champion Certificates through ARBA!

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